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Cloud Training Course

A Comprehensive Introduction to the Cloud - 1 Day FastStart

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Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.30pm) includes lunch and refreshments
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”The Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” has become a hot topic for many businesses. It promises big advantages over existing technology in terms of both cost and flexibility.

But sometimes it is difficult to get behind the hype.

The essence of Cloud is obtaining IT services or resources over the internet. You may already have looked at applications such as Google Apps, Office 365, CRM systems, or accountancy systems that can be used on a “pay as you go” basis via a web browser, often offering attractive opportunities for cost savings when compared to more “traditional” software packages.

But what are the realities of using the “Cloud” and what are the true benefits, risks and costs?

This one day Cloud training course will provide business owners, directors and managers with a thorough understanding of “The Cloud”. You will pinpoint the opportunities for cost savings and increased agility in your business and leave with a clear implementation and action plan.

Your trainer for this course is Martin King-Turner.


Course Objectives and Benefits

On completion of this course delegates will:

  • Understand what is meant by “The Cloud”
  • Know the opportunities and benefits offered by the Cloud
  • Be able to assess the risks associated with the Cloud, including security considerations
  • Understand typical uses of the Cloud in SME businesses
  • Know how to identify and select Cloud service providers
  • Have identified how to exploit Cloud in their own businesses


Course Content

Introduction to “The Cloud”

  • Is it just hype?
  • What is “The Cloud”?
  • Cloud components

Cloud Services

  • Cloud service characteristics
  • Types of Cloud services
    • Software as a service
    • Platform as a service
    • Infrastructure as a service

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Business agility
  • Business efficiency
  • Cost implications
  • IT support implications
Challenges and Risks
  • Security
  • Provider ‘lock-in’
  • Application support
  • Application customisation
  • Integration with other applications

Real World Cloud Usage by SMEs

  • Typical Cloud-based applications
  • SME case study

Cloud Adoption Strategies

  • Agile adoption
  • Accelerated adoption
  • Conservative adoption
  • Selecting a strategy

Selecting a Cloud Service Provider

  • Defining your requirements
  • Finding providers and suppliers
  • Evaluating suppliers
    • Evaluation criteria
    • Key questions to ask
    • Evaluation checklist
  • Service level agreements

Making the Cloud Work for You

  • Pinpoint the opportunities in your business
  • Identify the benefits
  • Quantify the risks
  • Develop an implementation and action plan


This course is a non-technical course aimed at business owners, directors and managers seeking to exploit the Cloud in their business.

Prior to attending this course delegates should have:

  • A basic familiarity with the internet.