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This popular haberdashery company found lots of new loyal customers, some as far a field as Australia, by making the move online...
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Selling Online Training Course - 1 Day Masterclass


Course Date Location Price *  
3 February 2016 Birmingham £425   £325 (until 20th January) BOOK NOW

Course length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.30pm) includes lunch and refreshments
* All prices exclude VAT.

This course will increase the effectiveness of your online sales activities. It is designed for business owners and managers wanting to maximise their online sales income.

We will show you how to choose the best methods for your business to sell online and how to create effective eCommerce sales channels.

You will discover the secrets of creating web pages that actually convert vistors to your website into revenue generating customers.

We'll also show you how to drive traffic effectively to the site using Pay Per Click advertising from Google, advertising in Facebook and LinkedIn, along with explaining the role of social media sharing to create a buzz to enhance your selling capability.

Your trainer for this course is James Pennington.

'Very, very informative. Gave us clear direction of where we need to be going.'

'Excellent - much food for thought as well as "OMG - Need to get that sorted!"'

Streetbike, Birmingham

Course Objectives and Benefits

On completion of this course delegates will understand:

  • The different ways to sell on line
  • How to take money and ensure you’re legally compliant
  • ‘Calls to Action’ and how to construct pages correctly
  • Paid advertising and how to use it correctly – Google / Facebook / LinkedIn
  • Landing Page design and construction – best practice
  • Typical blocks to conversion and how to remove them
  • The importance of Analytics and effective tracking


Course Content

Introduction to Selling Online

Requirements Specification

  • What type of shop am I?
  • Where should I be selling?

Options for Selling Online

  • Overview of selling methods
  • Paypal
  • Google shopping 
  • Amazon
  • Ebay shops
  • Ecommerce tools - CMS & full ecommerce Systems

Taking People's Money

  • What are the options?
  • What is PCI compliance?
  • How much does all this cost - selecting the right methods

Driving Traffic

  • Google PPC
  • Facebook & LinkedIn advertising
  • Social Media and Email offers
  • Partner networks & Affiliates

Increasing Conversions

  • Why do people not convert?
  • Landing page design
  • Calls to Action - What are they and why are they important?
  • Reviews and how important they are
  • Trusted techniques to increase conversions


  • What should you track?
  • Setting up Analytics to understand buyer behaviour



This course is a non-technical course aimed at business owners who are either