10 Tips for Promoting Products and Services using Photo Sharing Sites

Take a few moments and consider just how many photographs you have generated as part of your business activities over the past year or so. Press releases, brochures, websites, eCommerce sites and networking events, all generate photo opportunities don’t they?

Many of the B2B Centre’s clients have been surprised about exactly how many images they have, and then delighted when we explain how they put them to good use on photo sharing sites.
Mark Bonnett, of the National B2B Centre, highlights how to go about using these sites and explains the promotional benefits that you can get from them.

The B2B Centre has been experimenting with the Flickr photo sharing service to understand what the benefits of photo sharing are and how to use such sites effectively. You can use Flickr too or choose from the many other sites available since they work pretty much in the same way.

B2B Centre\'s Flickr Page

There are 3 main areas of benefit from using photo sharing.

  • Real people (prospects and customers) use these services to look for products and services.
  • Search engines look at the content and, if you have provided them with the appropriate information, will use it in search results.
  • In addition to tagging images you can use registration with the sites as an opportunity for developing inbound links to your website to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is very easy to sign up on the sites in the first place and most of them will offer a free membership that allows you to post images subject to a monthly and total upload limit.

Top Ten Tips
So how can you make best use of photo sharing? Here’s my top ten tips.

  • Fill in your profile
    Make sure you fill in your profile. Flickr allows you to describe you and your business, including keyword rich links back to your website, blog or even social media profiles. Have a look at our profile on Flickr to get some ideas:http://www.flickr.com/people/the_national_b2b_centre/
  • Use your best photos
    Don’t use any old photos you have, carefully select your best photos or get a professional photographer to take your photos. Don’t do what this gentleman did when posting a product image to ebay: http://www.jokesandhumor.com/jokes/pictures/ebay.jpg
  • Descriptive titles, descriptions and tags
    Make sure you have unique descriptive titles, descriptions and tags for each image. Good descriptions, titles and tags will lead to your photos being shown in search engine results and increasing the footprint of your business on the world wide web.B2B Centre Google search results using Flickr
  • Join and Post to relevant groups, even create your own group
    Find relevant groups you can post your very best photos to. This will increase the number of people who will see your picture and possibly comment on it. If you can’t find a group start your own. We have a group on Flickr where people can publish photos taken at our events: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1102676@N22/
  • Participate
    Take time to comment on other people’s photos and collect favorite photos to expand your network and increase the number people seeing your photos
  • Add a license to your photos
    Flickr allows you to add different usage licenses to your photos. You can share your photos with the world allowing people to freely use them, the main benefit being that you’ll receive links and get mentioned by the people using them. Or you can restrict the usage and not allow anyone to use your photos.
  • Get your vanity url
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_national_b2b_centre/It is easier to remember and increases click through rates from search engine results.
  • Showcase your photos in your blog and social media
    Encourage people to visit your Flickr page via these means, don’t forget about other ways of promoting your Flickr page including flyers, email signatures and even business cards.
  • Make contacts
    Like Facebook and Linkedin, you can build a network of contacts with similar interests as you. You can then stay abreast of what they are publishing and push your photos out more people.
  • Upload video
    Flickr isn’t just about photos, you can upload your videos here too. Make sure your video has a good description, title and relevant tags.

Mark Bonnett  mark.bonnett@nb2bc.co.uk