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Social media marketing is now as important as any other marketing channel within the digital marketing mix. Many businesses setup a presence through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but these platforms offer much more to businesses aiming to connect with potential and existing customers.

B2B SEO agency POLARIS looks at where you can get the best return on your limited budget.

Social Retargeting – available on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Retargeting or remarketing to your customers is a great way of ensuring you continue to put your businesses products and services in front of customers, after they have visited your destination website.

Facebook offer the ability to setup remarketing lists for which you can choose to display a number of different creative options within the news feed, the right-hand side column when browsing on desktop or laptop pcs, instant articles on mobile, and within video content too. Your ads will also appear on Instagram, which is particularly useful for businesses related to fashion for example.

If you have video content, you can setup a video remarketing campaign through your google AdWords account, targeting website visitors Pre roll. Only do this if you have a piece of professional footage to use, as poor quality video production will not represent your business in the best way. (more…)

Where SMEs Should Focus their SEO Budgets

As a small business, you have to be quite frugal, spending wisely where investment will yield the greatest return. As such, marketing can be a bit of a trial and error experience as you first set out. Here are some tips to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to spending money on improving your website’s exposure within search engines through SEO.

Amo Sokhi, Account Director at SEO agency POLARIS, looks at where you can get the best return on your limited SEO budget.

1. Don’t always start with SEO; PPC is actually the first port of call!

Whilst you may not want to hear it, PPC is a much better place to start your internet marketing because you can gain results faster through PPC for a lower investment. Yes, clicks are expensive and yes not everyone clicks on the sponsored ads, but plenty of your potential customers still do click on these ads and you can spend a smaller amount of your budget in a shorter space of time to get your website in front of them.

Setup a PPC account on Google Adwords and either setup an account yourself with the help of googles friendly advisors or get an agency to build an account for you. Either way, you can choose how much you want to spend per month (which is then split into a daily budget), and you should start seeing results from day one.

2. Make sure your website is user friendly and clearly communicates the keywords that are relevant to your products / services

The most important factor that will make the difference with any internet marketing campaign is the usability of your website. Ensure that your website is easy to use, loads quickly, and works well on both Mobile and Desktop. Google have recently (more…)

Taking Your First Steps On The Agile Journey

Starting something new usually takes longer than you think. Becoming Agile in your organisation is a case in point.

Agile Project Management (PM) is still a new thing.

In February 2001, 17 leading figures in the software signed a “Manifesto for Agile Software Development.” By laying out the key principles of Agile, the Manifesto helped launch a movement that has no signs of slowing down. Since 2001, the software industry in particular has adopted Agile. Even so, it appears that only some parts of Agile have been adopted within the software community.

In 2009, 35% of software organisations surveyed had implemented some form of Agile PM. Yet, only a small percentage of these companies had implemented it in its entirety.

By 2012, things were looking up for Agile. A 2012 study by Actuation Consulting indicated that 71% of those surveyed were using Agile. Again, only 13% reported that they are using “pure” Agile. This is to suggest that not all of Agile’s principles had been adopted by these IT organisations.

Companies in the study were also clinging onto other Project Management methods alongside Agile. These and other studies suggest that even in the world of software development, Agile still has a long way to go.

Why is Agile PM so hard to establish?

OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Team Site?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked at our SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365 and More! training course is whether to use OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint team site to store documents and files. And as if that wasn’t confusing enough, people often add a third option – OneDrive personal – into the mix.  So that’s “TwoDrives” and SharePoint to try to explain!

In an attempt to keep things as simple as I can, my answer usually goes along the following lines:

How Agile Project Management Will Transform Your Business

How does a business make money?

That’s not a trick question…

Businesses make money by giving customers what they want.

How then does Agile Project Management (Agile PM) help companies make more money?

Agile PM helps companies make more money by ensuring they deliver what the customer will be delighted with.

Why You Need Agile Project Management

When I work with organisations – both large and small – I find many are frustrated with their work processes. There is often a sense that, “…there must be a better way to do things!”

Discover how to better manage changing priorities »

Of course, some organisations are more productive than others. Indeed, some teams within organisations are more productive than others. But if you recognize any of these following issues, then implementing Agile PM would make a real difference for you:

Four ways to cost effectively create content for your b2b content marketing strategy

In our previous b2b content marketing post we discussed some of the ways to curate content from around the Internet to further your own positioning.

Curation is a valid strategy that puts you at the centre of your industry as someone who has their finger on the pulse and who shares great content that is useful to others.

But there is no real substitute for really positioning your own expertise by developing and distributing your own customer focused content that supports your b2b content marketing strategy.


Four ways to easily curate content to support your b2b content marketing strategy

Developing a profile online with sound b2b content marketing is a critical aspect in driving more inbound traffic to websites and other assets where businesses can seek to influence potential buyers of products and services.

But creating specific and new content to attract the right kinds of audience came be time and resource intensive. Increasingly, smart companies and their nominated spokespeople are using ‘curation’ techniques to align with the right topics, sources of content and influencers to build effective online profiles.

Using curation techniques to bring the right sorts of information to you so you can quickly share them, putting your spin or perspective on them, is fast becoming an effective online marketing strategy in its own right. This approach puts you at the centre of your industry as someone who has their finger on the pulse and who shares great content that is useful to others.


The business benefits of embracing analytics led marketing

Analytics led marketing means you are implementing marketing activities that will have a specific business outcome. In our previous post, we outlined the 8 critical analytics metrics that b2b companies need to be concentrating on. But having access to the right information is only one part of the equation. We need to be equipped to interpret the data and make intelligent decisions off the back of it.

The list focused on key aspects related to website traffic and customer engagement with different types of content. These help to give a good insight into what resonates with our target market. But why is taking, and embracing, an analytics led approach to business the smart approach?


Rethinking b2b email marketing as a customer relationship tool

Many companies use email marketing to ‘update’ their customers and prospects on their own news, contract wins, completed projects or to position offers.

This is all well and good but you’re using the permission you’ve built up over time to only talk about yourself. How interesting is that really going to be for companies that have their own concerns and problems that need solutions?

It might be worth rethinking email marketing as a valuable customer relationship management tool – instead seeking to use email marketing to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing.


Five ways to implement even more effective b2b remarketing campaigns

In our previous remarketing post, we discussed the importance of goal-setting for remarketing and the three critical starting points for new arrivals on the remarketing scene.

To really see the benefit of remarketing, start to segment your audience, (especially the non-converters) to improve the chances of what Google calls ‘winning the second chance’.

1. Re-engage visitors with abandoned baskets

There are a variety of reasons why customers don’t complete the checkout process. Think about your own online experience. It might not be the right time, you’re on the wrong device, you don’t have the right method to pay, you’re just checking stock and prices.