ERP Selection Consultancy

Ensuring You Get the Best ERP System for your Business

Concerned about selecting the best ERP application?

  • Are you planning to invest in ERP?
  • Are you struggling to choose the most appropriate software and vendor?
  • Are you unsure that you will select the solution that offers maximum business value?
  • Are you confident that the new software will closely align with your business processes?

Solving Your Problem

We are independent ERP consultants with no vested interests. We don’t sell any hardware or software, or offer any software development services.

Our proven vendor-independent ERP selection process ensures that you look beyond price and functionality to include all essential aspects of the selection decision.

Ultimately it’s all about getting the best application and maximising your return on investment.

Areas Covered

  • Planning for success
  • Gathering requirements
  • Identifying appropriate solutions and vendors
  • Issuing a request for quotation (RFQ)
  • Evaluating responses

What We Deliver

  • We explain the critical success factors in ERP projects
  • We explain the Balanced Quotation approach which:
    • Ensures all key aspects of the investment are considered
    • Ensures buy-in from all interested parties
    • Provides clear and objective selection criteria
    • Enables a fast-start to implementation
  • We work with you to evaluate vendor responses

The Bottom Line

When we have finished, you will:

  • Make a robust selection decision to get maximum return from your investment
  • Rigorously assess the suitability of a range of different systems and vendors
  • Identify the critical success factors for your system implementation
  • Be confident that you have chosen the system and supplier that is right for you

Let’s Talk

Every consulting engagement starts with a free informal discussion. Call Martin King-Turner on +44 (0)2476 620158 or email