Success Audit – How to generate content for websites and Social Media

Knowing what to say is often the first hurdle in using Social Media. The B2B Centre’s experience is that every individual/organisation has lots of interesting things to talk about – it is just a question of unlocking it and remembering that other people will be interested in what you do.

The Success Audit is intended as a quick way of helping you to develop your ideas.  Just work through the simple exercises; get some external input from a business associate or adviser for an objective view on what works and what doesn’t.  And let us know how you get on.

Story Brainstorm
Spend 10 minutes brainstorming potential stories to tell the world about. Example themes are client wins, your expertise, “war stories”, new products, market changes etc.

Consider how the stories might be impressive, innovative, beneficial, unique, emotive etc.

Try wearing “different hats” and looking at your stories from different perspectives  (what would be interesting to a finance director, supplier, end-user etc.?) to create new stories.

Now choose 1 of the stories to move forward with.

What content have you already got / could you create?
You may already have content available that could be reused to help tell your story on different Social Media platforms. For example; brochures, press/staff/client photos, video, press releases etc. Or maybe you have the means to create content for your story by writing an article, filming a presentation etc.

Make a list.

Where could you use this material?
Now it’s time to consider the best place/places to tell the story. The nature of the story and the content you have or may create should guide the choice of Social Media outlets.

For example, a blog may not be the best please for a detailed technical treatise on your product and its applications. Use the blog to provide an overview and link to a formal article or whitepaper instead. And then Tweet sentences from the article (plus a link of course ) to promote it.

List them out.

What preparation does it need?
You might have everything you need just to load up your content and start sharing it or distributing it. There may be a few more things you need to do to get it ready. For instance; edit text down to a 140 character Tweet, cut and paste, create video snippets, define a series of blog posts.

Thinking about what you need to do will help to define the timescales and resource requirements for your first Social Media activity.

Remember the great thing about Social Media is that the same “story” can be reformatted in loads of ways for different Social Media channels.

Sometimes this can be done automatically (e.g. with but it is a good idea to alter the story so it is appropriate for each channel.

Write down what you need to do.

By the time you have gone through all of your stories you should have enough material for several months! Consider using tools like spreadsheets, Outlook or project management software to build up an activity schedule to help you plan your time, money and resources effectively.

If you need further help then we have a one-day Social Media training course that will explain how to define your strategy and make it work in practice.

Gareth Edwards,
Associate eMarketing Consultant.