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Rethinking b2b email marketing as a customer relationship tool

Many companies use email marketing to ‘update’ their customers and prospects on their own news, contract wins, completed projects or to position offers. This is all well and good but you’re using the permission you’ve built up over time to only talk about yourself. How interesting is that really going to be for companies that have their own concerns and problems that need solutions? It might be worth rethinking email marketing as a valuable customer relationship management tool – instead… Read more »

Five ways to implement even more effective b2b remarketing campaigns

In our previous remarketing post, we discussed the importance of goal-setting for remarketing and the three critical starting points for new arrivals on the remarketing scene. To really see the benefit of remarketing, start to segment your audience, (especially the non-converters) to improve the chances of what Google calls ‘winning the second chance’. 1. Re-engage visitors with abandoned baskets There are a variety of reasons why customers don’t complete the checkout process. Think about your own online experience…. Read more »

It’s only remarketing but we like it: Three essential entry points for b2b remarketing campaigns

Ever browsed online and placed an item in your basket and then left the site without completing the purchase – only for that product to then begin to chase you around the web? The brand in question placed tracking code on the web page you visited and set up a campaign through the Google Display Network to then drop a reminder in front of you a little time later whilst you were doing something else on the Internet. This is… Read more »

How to sell more online: Ecommerce best practice for b2b marketers

The buying motivations and complicated decision making processes involved in many business purchases mean most business-to-business companies find it hard to apply retail thinking to their online and ecommerce operations. But in reviewing some of the most successful online ecommerce businesses and taking our own personal buying experiences into account, there are lots of little amendments we can make to give online sales a boost. Here are five areas that we think represent the best places to start. (All are… Read more »

Building a Successful Sales Story

As part of our business coaching activities we are dealing with an increasing number of requests to help people improve their sales process. One of the key problems that we have identified is a lack of “engagement” with clients at the level of their real need. So what is the starting point for making a better connection to clients?  Sales Coach Jackie King-Turner has some ideas for you. Business-to-Business Sales The key to successful B2B sales lies in the fulfillment of… Read more »

Avoid the pitfalls of Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising has the potential to generate a lot of new business for small and medium sized companies.  It also has the potential to be an expensive mistake if it is used incorrectly. Gareth Edwards of the National B2B Centre outlines some things to look at if you are considering your own Pay Per Click campaign – we’ll focus on Google AdWords but the lessons apply across the board. Introduction Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a… Read more »

Website Development Problems: Are developers or clients to blame?

James Pennington, the National B2B Centre’s Lead IT Consultant, looks at some of criticisms that we hear from SMEs about their website developers and tries to provide an objective view on where the blame really lies. Over the past 6 ½ years I’ve been with the National B2B Centre I have had a constant stream of complaints from clients who have had issues with their web design and development providers It’s taking ages to get the site completed The site… Read more »

5 Simple Tips For Converting Search Traffic

James Pennington, Lead IT Consultant with the National B2B Centre works with a wide variety of organisations to make their web sites more effective.  In his view people are beginning to get the hang of making their websites more visible and more attractive to the likes of Google by using various aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  The focus now needs to be on turning traffic into real business. Although I really want to focus on what happens when people… Read more »

Selling On-Line – Getting started

Introduction The current economic climate increases the probability that lots of people will lose their jobs. As a result there is likely to be an increase in the number of businesses starting-up and looking to sell or trade on-line. If you have aspirations to be the new Next or Marks and Spencer’s, the internet provides an ideal opportunity to have a go and test the waters. Hold on, you might be shouting at the screen, I’ve looked into this selling… Read more »