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Paid Social

Social media marketing is now as important as any other marketing channel within the digital marketing mix. Many businesses setup a presence through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but these platforms offer much more to businesses aiming to connect with potential and existing customers. B2B SEO agency POLARIS looks at where you can get the best return on your limited budget. Social Retargeting – available on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Retargeting or remarketing to your customers is… Read more »

Four ways to cost effectively create content for your b2b content marketing strategy

In our previous b2b content marketing post we discussed some of the ways to curate content from around the Internet to further your own positioning. Curation is a valid strategy that puts you at the centre of your industry as someone who has their finger on the pulse and who shares great content that is useful to others. But there is no real substitute for really positioning your own expertise by developing and distributing your own customer focused content that… Read more »

Four ways to easily curate content to support your b2b content marketing strategy

Developing a profile online with sound b2b content marketing is a critical aspect in driving more inbound traffic to websites and other assets where businesses can seek to influence potential buyers of products and services. But creating specific and new content to attract the right kinds of audience came be time and resource intensive. Increasingly, smart companies and their nominated spokespeople are using ‘curation’ techniques to align with the right topics, sources of content and influencers to build effective online profiles…. Read more »

Creating a strong visual brand: Creating your own images with your own technology

We talked in our last post about how to treat stock images to tailor them for your own brand communications. This will help you achieve some measure of ‘stand out’ when using images secured from free or paid stock image libraries. In this post, and in advance of our next course on ‘Photo and video for the web’ course, we are offering some tips on trading up in your visual marketing strategy; and on using your own technology… Read more »

Creating a strong visual brand: Working with stock photography

There is no denying the importance of your visual brand. The images and photography you use, in your marketing material and online, say as much about you as any words you employ. We’re exploring a number of aspects of visual branding as we count down to our next course on ‘Photo and video for the web’ course. This post offers guidance on getting the most out of stock photography. At a base level, using stock photography (from free or paid… Read more »

8 winning ideas for your social media content

People’s initial barrier to social media success is usually perceived as using the tools themselves. Once they have realised that that’s the easy part, the next obstacle is knowing what to say. Gareth Edwards, associate eMarketing consultant at the National B2B Centre, highlights 8 ideas that can get your creative juices flowing. Picture the scene. You have just attended a social media training course, seen an inspiring blog post or noticed that one of you competitors is picking up… Read more »

CRM and Social Media – is that Social CRM?

Social CRM is an emerging concept that springs from an attempt to integrate the management capability of CRM systems with the wealth of customer information available in Social Media channels. There is still some confusion, however, about where the boundaries lie and a lack of clarity on how small and business can start to take advantage of this idea. Steve Orriss, Director at The National B2B Centre, has taken a look at what’s happening in the marketplace to provide some… Read more »

Social Media Strategy for SMEs

Social Media is still going through the hype stage. You’d think success with it simply depends on setting up an account, throwing out a few words of wisdom and waiting for the cash to start rolling in. The reality is that it requires thinking and some hard graft to make it Gareth Edwards, the National B2B Centre’s Associate E-Marketing Consultant, has used his extensive experience of working with SMEs to develop a series of practical steps that will help you… Read more »

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is a fast growing social media tool that is widely used by businesses in a variety of ways.  Despite its popularity the B2B Centre’s experience is that lots of people have found some of Twitters quirks and jargon a barrier to setting up or using it properly. This article by Gareth Edwards, Associate Digital Marketing Specialist at the B2B Centre, seeks to provide some clear guidelines to getting started with Twitter. Introduction Twitter is a social media site that allows… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Facebook Page

Despite its massive popularity actually making use of Facebook is creating some confusion amongst the small business community.  It’s partly because the administration of Facebook pages is not always intuitive and partly because Facebook has a habit of changes things quite suddenly. Gareth Edwards, The National B2B Centre’s Associate Online Marketing Consultant, has highlighted 5 quick wins that could improve the performance of your Facebook page and make it easier for you to use. Claim your user friendly Facebook URL.  By… Read more »