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Social media marketing is now as important as any other marketing channel within the digital marketing mix. Many businesses setup a presence through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but these platforms offer much more to businesses aiming to connect with potential and existing customers.

B2B SEO agency POLARIS looks at where you can get the best return on your limited budget.

Social Retargeting – available on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Retargeting or remarketing to your customers is a great way of ensuring you continue to put your businesses products and services in front of customers, after they have visited your destination website.

Facebook offer the ability to setup remarketing lists for which you can choose to display a number of different creative options within the news feed, the right-hand side column when browsing on desktop or laptop pcs, instant articles on mobile, and within video content too. Your ads will also appear on Instagram, which is particularly useful for businesses related to fashion for example.

If you have video content, you can setup a video remarketing campaign through your google AdWords account, targeting website visitors Pre roll. Only do this if you have a piece of professional footage to use, as poor quality video production will not represent your business in the best way.

LinkedIn offer retargeting, but only for large businesses with over 20,000 unique visitors per month to your website. If you fit this criteria, you can get in touch with an account manager at LinkedIn who will discuss their lead accelerator solution for b2b targeting.

Social Advertising – available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Social advertising is available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and depending on the nature of your business some of these websites will be more relevant than others. For example, if you are a b2b business providing b2b services, LinkedIn advertising may be a more suitable environment to commit advertising budget on as you can target individuals based on their job / role, sector, company type and size etc. These factors mean that your advertising will reach decision makers and be targeted based on professional criteria, unavailable on other social websites such as Facebook.

If you operate a fashion or FMCG business, then Facebook advertising could work well, as you can target based on a person’s demographics such as age & location, or their interests as listed on their profile such as groups. For the best results, its recommended to have creative that is regularly updated, as this will continue to engage and attract more actions from your customers.

For the best approach to paid advertising on social for b2b campaigns, start with your target audience first. Based on this, you will be able to understand which websites are the most relevant and how to target your customers based on their information.

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