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Taking Your First Steps On The Agile Journey

Starting something new usually takes longer than you think. Becoming Agile in your organisation is a case in point. Agile Project Management (PM) is still a new thing. In February 2001, 17 leading figures in the software signed a “Manifesto for Agile Software Development.” By laying out the key principles of Agile, the Manifesto helped launch a movement that has no signs of slowing down. Since 2001, the software industry in particular has adopted Agile. Even so, it appears that… Read more »

OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Team Site?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked at our SharePoint, OneDrive, Office 365 and More! training course is whether to use OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint team site to store documents and files. And as if that wasn’t confusing enough, people often add a third option – OneDrive personal – into the mix.  So that’s “TwoDrives” and SharePoint to try to explain! In an attempt to keep things as simple as I can, my answer usually goes along… Read more »

How Agile Project Management Will Transform Your Business

How does a business make money? That’s not a trick question… Businesses make money by giving customers what they want. How then does Agile Project Management (Agile PM) help companies make more money? Agile PM helps companies make more money by ensuring they deliver what the customer will be delighted with. Why You Need Agile Project Management When I work with organisations – both large and small – I find many are frustrated with their work processes. There is often… Read more »

Rethinking b2b email marketing as a customer relationship tool

Many companies use email marketing to ‘update’ their customers and prospects on their own news, contract wins, completed projects or to position offers. This is all well and good but you’re using the permission you’ve built up over time to only talk about yourself. How interesting is that really going to be for companies that have their own concerns and problems that need solutions? It might be worth rethinking email marketing as a valuable customer relationship management tool – instead… Read more »

Five trends that make ERP and cloud more accessible to b2b companies in 2016

More and more businesses are becoming attuned to the benefits technology and specifically integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning). Whether it is in providing greater visibility of the new business pipeline, managing operations, production and delivery or facilitating financial and human resources management, ERP is an industry that is constantly changing. In a period where we’ve seen a huge variety of new product offerings introduced and become mainstream in the SME space, we’ve also seen product innovation help integrate functionality to… Read more »

ISO27001 information security standard. Statement of credibility?

ISO27001 may not mean that much to you at the moment but it is rapidly becoming a “badge of honour” for organisations that manage or have access to confidential client data. Martin King-Turner, Director at The National B2B Centre, reveals why he believes that ISO27001 accreditation will become a required entry on your proposal or tender in the near future. Consider the phrase “organisations that manage or have access to confidential client data.” What’s really interesting is how many organisations… Read more »

Six Top Tips for Successful ERP Upgrades

Major ERP software upgrades are often seen as a long, arduous process.  So how can companies ensure success without disrupting users’ comfort with their current system? Martin King-Turner, Director at The National B2B Centre, shares six of his top tips to help you steer clear of common project pitfalls. 1. Explain what a new system means to users before starting the project If you want to doom an upgrade project, keep the users in the dark. The one thing that… Read more »

How to get what you really need from new IT

Steve Orriss, Director at The National B2B Centre, spends a lot of time rescuing the situation for companies who haven’t quite got what they wanted from their latest IT investment. Here’s Steve’s advice on getting the purchase right first time. Introduction It’s a common occurrence when I meet a client to find they are not happy with the way their IT projects have gone (or are going). Apart from being over budget with expensive unforeseen extras common complaints include: not having… Read more »

How to Improve your next Software Purchase

One of the big areas of concern for the National B2B Centre’s clients is “How do we choose the right software and supplier for our business?” With more choices than ever in terms of different software packages, system platforms, including The Cloud and types of supplier it isn’t surprising that people find it difficult to make accurate assessments and successful selections. National B2B Centre directors, Steve Orriss and Martin King-Turner, both have many years of experience helping businesses large and… Read more »

Using People, Process and Technology to achieve a Successful ERP Implementation

Our introduction of the “People, Process and Technology” approach to planning and implementing technology investment has created plenty of interest amongst our clients, contacts and the supplier community. Because ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are a particularly important area of technology for all of these stakeholders, we have asked Martin King-Turner, Director at The National B2B Centre and ERP expert, to reflect on how “People, Process and Technology” could maximise the chances of implementation success for your ERP project. Introduction One of The National B2B… Read more »