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Where SMEs Should Focus their SEO Budgets

As a small business, you have to be quite frugal, spending wisely where investment will yield the greatest return. As such, marketing can be a bit of a trial and error experience as you first set out. Here are some tips to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to spending money on improving your website’s exposure within search engines through SEO. Amo Sokhi, Account Director at SEO agency POLARIS, looks at where you can get… Read more »

The business benefits of embracing analytics led marketing

Analytics led marketing means you are implementing marketing activities that will have a specific business outcome. In our previous post, we outlined the 8 critical analytics metrics that b2b companies need to be concentrating on. But having access to the right information is only one part of the equation. We need to be equipped to interpret the data and make intelligent decisions off the back of it. The list focused on key aspects related to website traffic and customer engagement with different… Read more »

The 8 key analytics metrics all b2b companies should focus on

Using analytics software to make better marketing and business decisions should be a key consideration in all companies, but it is amazing how mention of Google Analytics can strike fear into the minds of business owners and team leaders. During our popular Google Analytics courses we dispel lots of common myths to cut through and provide an actionable set of recommendations to help businesses understand more about their website visitors. Google Analytics provides brilliant insight into the behaviour of website… Read more »


An agency must handle B2B and B2C SEO campaigns differently, and adapt to a much more complex sales process than in B2C. The difference between the two sectors can be found in the sales funnel and the purchase process, and the relationship between product and customer. To deliver the best SEO service an agency must therefore have a deep understanding of the way business-to-business sales work. Keith Hodges, head of SEO at POLARIS, summarises the core differences between B2B and… Read more »

Simple SEO Tips for SMEs

With our SEO training course being heavily booked yet again it’s clear that optimising your website to improve its performance in the search engines and to generate more visitors is still an important topic to many SMEs. Gareth Edwards, The National B2B Centre Associate e-Marketing Consultant, quick guide to some important activities that you can conduct yourself or instruct your web developer to carry out for you. 1./ Install Google Analytics Google Analytics is a free tool that provides… Read more »

10 Tips How To Qualify an SEO Agency

Introduction Have you ever been ripped off by Internet Marketing companies that claim they can “get your business onto the 1st page in Google” and then don’t deliver any results? Do you receive calls every day from companies that claim they can get you a lot more business than you already are? Well, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of UK businesses buy into rogue services that fail to deliver results of any kind. The most popular type of… Read more »

Developing Your Keyword List

Introduction Choosing the right keywords is a vital part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Gareth Edwards, e-marketing specialist at the National B2B Centre discusses some ideas that you can use to develop your list. One of the most successful aspects of our “Essential Guide to Online Marketing” seminar series in 2010 was the Choosing the right keywords exercise that we ran. The intention of the exercise was to give delegates the chance to discover how other people would search for their products… Read more »

Choosing the right keywords exercise

What are keywords? Keywords (also known as search terms) are the words and phrases that people type into a search engine to describe what they are looking for. Understanding what keywords are used by the people you want to attract to your website is absolutely fundamental to search engine optimisation. It is also vital in understanding how to make your web pages more interesting and compelling because if you use the same language as your visitors you will be able to… Read more »

9 tips on how to choose a good SEO supplier

As the B2B Centre’s clients get more sophisticated with their use of online sales and marketing many of them are starting to use external suppliers to take on some important tasks.  So increasingly you are using website developers, pay-per-click experts and, particularly, SEO companies to provide resources and expertise that might be difficult to get in-house. The B2B Centre’s approach is that while we continue to bring hundreds of small businesses up to speed on a variety of online marketing… Read more »

Google Analytics – First Time Through

The first reaction that we get when we show newcomers to Google Analytics  exactly what information it provides is often one of sheer amazement. When people get over the initial surprise and, particularly when they try and use the tool themselves, the first questions are “What should we look at?” and “What does it mean?” Gareth Edwards, eMarketing specialist at the National B2B Centre, provide a quick overview of what he looks at first when using Analytics and what you… Read more »