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ISO27001 information security standard. Statement of credibility?

ISO27001 may not mean that much to you at the moment but it is rapidly becoming a “badge of honour” for organisations that manage or have access to confidential client data. Martin King-Turner, Director at The National B2B Centre, reveals why he believes that ISO27001 accreditation will become a required entry on your proposal or tender in the near future. Consider the phrase “organisations that manage or have access to confidential client data.” What’s really interesting is how many organisations… Read more »

Protecting Information – Your Most Important Asset

Small businesses are both extremely vulnerable to and unaware of the consequences of poor information protection. Business failure, fines and loss of reputation are just some the potential outcomes, so even the smallest firm should consider taking preventative action. This article by Richard Henson, Senior Lecturer in Computing at the University of Worcester and joint founder of IASME information assurance management standard highlights what you can do to reduce the risks. Introduction According to research published by PWC 70% of… Read more »

Cloud Security – The Top 5 Questions for Your Cloud Supplier

Cloud Computing, often referred to as “The Cloud” , is a term that businesses are rapidly become excited about. The excitement stems from the Cloud’s massive potential for delivering powerful computing resources at a much lower cost than “traditional” systems. There is still some reluctance to use the Cloud and one of the main concerns is over security because systems and data are no longer held locally. But should these concerns be “show stoppers”? “Not necessarily, and in many cases certainly… Read more »